I was staying at a friend’s house the other day, watching her four-year old son play. He would pick up a piece of Lego, and show it to his mum. When she asked him what the piece was, he would inform her that it was a rocket. “Can’t you see?” he exclaimed a few times. He looked puzzled, and frustrated that she evidently could not. He showed her a few other bits, describing them as lorries and people, dogs and houses. All my friend and I could see were a bunch of meaningless plastic shapes. He played alone for a while, obviously enjoying himself tremendously, and completely lost in his own little world. It was great to see. Fair to say that the world ‘out there’ did not exist for this little boy at that particular moment. He was only responding to and interacting with the stuff inside his head. How amazing!

Kids do this easily. Now, the question is, for what purpose do we stop living out of our minds, and our imagination? When does our experience of ‘out there’ become more real than ‘in here’? Obviously, it is made clear to us by our parents, teachers, and society in general that we need to change one day; grow up, and get our head straight about ‘real’ life. If no one ever told us though, would we carry on dreaming our world into being? I wonder. People who live in their own little bubble these days are often seen as eccentric, and weird. Not in touch with reality. But what is reality, really? Most people would probably tell you that reality is your life ‘out there’, and that it is what you’re supposed to focus on. So, examine your circumstances right now, and focus on that. If you lack money for example, focus on that. Worry about the next bill, and feel bad now about not being able to do the things you will want to do in the future. Then, you will be viewed as responsible, trustworthy, with your feet on good solid ground.

I think the only reason this appears as the ‘right’ way to live your life is because we have forgotten something of tremendous importance. Mark Twain is quoted as saying that, ‘Reality can be beaten with enough imagination’. This is a relief. Plato himself used to call thoughts and ideas, “The things that really are”. It is easy for us nowadays to adopt a reductionist materialist perspective on this, and call that view naïve, incorrect, and dismiss it. And yes, it has been helpful in our human experience to explore ideas of matter-before-mind, instead of the other way around. But even Albert Einstein concluded in the end that, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.

I believe what happens when we stop living out of our imagination is that we simply forget that we are always creating. We don’t ever stop doing it! We can’t. This is what we are. But if we believe that the world ‘out there’ is a separate entity, then we become victims of our own creation. It starts to live us, instead of us living it. When we focus on our circumstances, for instance, we focus on the illusion. And you know that energy flows where attention goes… We always get more of what we focus on. So, if you focus on a lack of anything in your life, lack is the only thing you will get more of. An abundance of lack, fancy that! Instead, start to think a little differently. Slip into the skin of a little kid again, and start dreaming of what you want.

Fortunately, our perception of reality is changing. Our consciousness is evolving. More and more, we are creating opportunities to experience our world the way it really is, as more dreamlike, and malleable. Over the coming months, we will experience more of this, and synchronicity as well. In fact, if we choose to become the change, and own it, then it will become the norm. Carl Jung discussed the idea that synchronicity reveals the meaningful connection between the subjective and objective world. Well, we are merging the two right now. These are unprecedented, exciting times. We are growing up at last – and ‘getting real’, finally…

“Pretty soon you will be living in the dream state, dreaming in the living state, and you will understand physical reality is but a dream.” – Bashar