I have been practising with OBEs (out-of-body experiences) since 2015, and today, I had a major breakthrough in that I flew outside of my apartment for the first time. I consider it significant because it was symbolic of leaving my safe place – there must have been something at the unconscious level that held me back before. Once, I was actually out of body, and headed straight for the window; I wanted to go flying above the town. But then, a single thought struck me: “It’s going to be high…” I am not too keen on heights. Immediately, I drifted back inside my body. I was furious with myself! But this was a useful reminder that a vague fear which may not be an actual problem on one level may still be extremely limiting on another. William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body, advises using this lifetime as an opportunity to let go of as many limiting beliefs, negative emotions and fears as possible. Because when we move on to the next stage, the rules change. In a non-physical world, thoughts really are the ultimate power. Thankfully, I had the opportunity recently to do a bit more work on myself; I am still learning, yet it seems that the progression was enough to unlock the next level in my OBE adventures.

Before I share the story, one question: what actually happens during an OBE? Is it really a leaving behind of the body? In my model of the world, the physical body is a projection of consciousness, in which case the OBE would be more akin to a shift in awareness. Whatever the case may be, my OBEs, funny enough, always feel incredibly physical. For me, that’s where the exhilaration comes from. So then, if I am creating an experience of coming out of body to enjoy, what is ‘it’ that actually comes out? And what am I when in that state? In this blog, I will refer to it as my etheric body, because the word derives from the Greek aither, meaning ‘pure air’, which is what I feel like when out of body.

So, just before 3:00 a.m., I woke up, and felt a wave of energy pulse through me: my etheric body waking up, a sign for me of an imminent OBE. I relaxed, and concentrated on my usual mantra: “Now, I am out of body…” Soon, I started to feel a gathering intensity – some people experience vibrations, I feel as if the molecules of my body suddenly tighten up. My arms became lighter, and I rolled to the side; pushed up, and found myself floating inside my bedroom. I raised my arms, and started going through the ceiling. I was determined to go out this time! And yet, trying to pass through the roof felt just like pulling on a too-tight turtleneck. I got tangled in it. I’ve gone through solid wooden doors before, but ceilings are still proving difficult it seems! So, I headed for the window instead. Gone was my usual neighbourhood – although I was still gazing at a residential area – but it looked very different. I liked it. There were bright stars above. Street lights generated a very clean and warm orange glow. The whole scene appeared tidy, peaceful, inviting.

It took me several attempts to pass through the glass window, and then I found myself completely horizontal, floating halfway in and out, desperate to fly off into the night sky; but still, something was holding me back. The thought crossed my mind that I hoped I was really out of body, and not just having a weird somnambulistic experience, because I was in the process of jumping out of the window. If I did this now, I would break every single bone in my body. Maybe die. Also, there was the fact that this physical body was not wearing any pyjamas to consider… This made me laugh, and then I remembered: “I am always safe…” In the next second, I flew! Outside, for the first time! High! I had perfect vision; sharp, clear, and focused. It was amazing, and I feel excited about future experiences.

So, if you too are interested in making OBEs happen for yourself, and want to go deeper inside, I will share two other books which have been absolutely key in allowing me to explore further, and develop my skills and confidence: Avenues of the Human Spirit, and Navigating the Out-Of-Body Experience, by Graham Nicholls.

I shall leave the last words to him:

“As we walk down one avenue in life, we walk away from another; we must have the courage to grow and transform in ways we never imagined. The reward is a life full of exploration, experience, and wonder.”Graham Nicholls.