So, I have been getting into angel card readings lately! And using them to tune into messages from the universe! I know it has stunned a few people, and earned me more than one condescending smirk. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t depend on this stuff to tell me how to live my life; for me, it is simply another way, another tool, to explore and understand more of what the world is actually made of. Which would be Consciousness, of course. Call it the Universe, Source, All-That-Is, whatever you choose is fine. And the more I focus on this, the more I settle into my flow, and allow myself to be a part of the fabric of all things, the better I seem to be doing in my everyday experience.

If you read my blogs, you’ll know that I recently had some truly outstanding stuff happen with my finances which really do confirm the idea that yes, indeed, we are always supported in everything we do. For a little while now, I have been working with the idea that everything in my experience is 100% subjective. Meaning that even the laptop I am typing this blog on is not real… Seems crazy, I know. Then again, it has been proven scientifically that nothing that we perceive as solid in this world, not even the hardest piece of granite rock, actually is… Money is also a creation of my own mind. Bentinho Massaro expresses this idea very nicely when he says that, “Money does not exist apart from me: literally!” This has become a favourite mantra of mine. What it means is that money will move when you do. It will come when you decide. If you spend your life waiting for it to do the things you dream of doing, you’ll wait a long time, trust me. Because money will wait for you. It will come when you take the first step, when you create the actual need. I have had it proven to me twice now, when I decided ‘to hell with money, I’m just going to do this’… and the amount I needed simply appeared, as if magically. A little disclaimer: I think this works best when you are in your flow. When you are being your authentic self. In tune with your theme and your reason for being in this world. So, make sure that you are in alignment with your highest purpose. You could even replace ‘money’ with ‘circumstances’, and say, “Circumstances do not exist apart from me: literally!” And then, go for it.

There is support out there in abundance, and the Universe, Source, your Higher Self, or your Angels (again, call this stuff anything you like, because in the end, it is one and the same) are always in communication with you. People often tell me they don’t hear anything, they don’t perceive anything. I always reply that they probably do, they just don’t know how to recognise the messages. Also, if you’ve got one eye on the TV, the other on your smart phone, and a large glass of wine in your hand, you may struggle… The Universe will talk to you in lots of different ways. Here are two simple examples: I was once on a training course that lasted 7 days, and on day 6, somewhere around 3:30pm, I went through a big dip in energy. At the break, I went to get myself a coffee, and when I walked back into the room, Blur’s song ‘Tender’ was playing on the trainer’s iPod. I happened to return at the exact moment they were singing the line, “Come on, come on, come on; Get through it”. I smiled.

And then just yesterday, I was doing paperwork at the US embassy in London. And you know, I always like to pay cash for my taxi. I always, always, always pay cash! Yet, yesterday, I suddenly got this strong, overwhelming feeling that I should pay by card. So, I did. At the embassy, security was tight. It took a while to get in, and then I had to take a ticket, queue, and speak to three different people. When it came time to pay for the service, I noticed some angry people ahead of me. Turns out the embassy’s credit card machine was down, and payment could only be made in cash. So, all these people were going to have to leave, find an ATM, and then queue, and do the whole security thing again. What a waste of time! Thankfully, I still had my paper money…
So, you see, it doesn’t have to be a 7-foot tall angel jumping in front of you carrying a billboard. Sometimes, it’s just about understanding there is magic in the world, and paying attention to the little things. Personally, I love it! And once it becomes experiential for you as well, you’ll be grinning too.

“Your world is an expression of your intentions.” – Kyle Gray