A few weeks ago, I spoke at a friend’s book launch and the title of my talk was: ‘Be Realistic – Expect Miracles’. I am also one of the organisers for Synchronicity Expo. And in this blog, I want to bring it all together to explain how expecting miracles to happen in your life on a regular basis makes a lot more sense than you might think.

Carl Jung said that Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connection between the subjective and objective worlds. Serendipity is a slightly different concept in that it refers to the occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. My view is that the more you can live in synchronicity, the more serendipity you will experience. So, the question is: how do you do it? In order to answer this, I will introduce another concept that you have probably heard countless times before: the notion that if you follow your passion, bliss, flow, the Universe will support you. Now, let me just say that this has got to be the most exciting and also craziest belief I have ever encountered. Exciting because Hey: who wouldn’t love that? Of course, we would. But it’s also crazy because it sounds like so much deluded thinking in action – and it could be dangerous. For example, quitting your full-time job on the vague hope that the Universe will have your back if you follow whatever dreams you have would be insane… Right?

So, that’s what I did. And I applied one of Tony Robbins’ principles too: “Don’t worry about the How: focus on the Wow!” I was going to get out there and be a writer, and that was that! The year I left my regular job was also the year I had to make a final payment on the new car I had bought on lease 4 years previously: £3,600. I was worried about that, you bet! But at around the same time, I found out from another writer that as a tax-paying UK author, I did not need to also pay taxes on my US sales and was eligible for a refund. So, I got in touch with the IRS and started the paperwork. Once I had paid the accountant’s fees, and after the exchange rate had taken its toll, I was left with a final amount; I kid you not – it was £3,600. And then a little voice in my head said: “So, exactly what part of ‘If you follow your passion, the Universe will support you’ did you not understand?’ Since then, I have begun to expect miracles in my life on a regular basis, and you know what? Many more seemingly impossible things have happened to me. Magic is now a part of my experience. I am in sync with the Universe.

To be in sync means to live in your flow, in line with the subjective Higher Self part of you and the theme that you came to express in this world of the physical. This is why it is important to follow your passion in life, no matter what, because passion and flow are connected. Your passion is the key to living in synchronicity and creating more serendipity in your life… And I do not mean just financial. You will also generate more opportunities, meet more people, create more choices and options for yourself that will lead to more of your life’s purpose to be enabled, and this will have a snowball effect. This is how I live these days, and I have never been happier or more successful. Now, a quick disclaimer: this did not become possible until I had done a fair amount of work on myself, like letting go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, etc. And I am not done yet. All I’m saying is that if you want it, then it is possible. Surrender to your flow, live an authentic life, full of purpose, and yes: indeed, the Universe will support you. After all, its first name is YOU…

“Live your dreams instead of merely dreaming about living” – Bashar